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How long will my file take to upload?

You may send either your PDF or your collected your files and fonts to us via our web upload service. You may upload your PDF file directly to our site. If you are not using PDF you should first compress your collected files and fonts into an Zip or Stuffit archive by using software such as WinZip (Windows) or Create Archive (Macintosh) or Stuffit (Macintosh). This single archive file can then be easily transferred via the web using our file upload procedure.

The time required to upload a file varies depending on the size of your file, your internet connection, and the amount of traffic on our site at the moment you submit it. Fast intenet connections usually will only take a few minutes for all but the largest PDF or compressed file archive. If you feel your file is taking too long to upload, cancel and try again after a few minutes.

For more detailed help in preparing your files for upload please see Submitting Digital Files, Common File Pitfalls, and Submitting PDFs in our Help section. You will find everything that you might need to help you successfully complete your project. 

Special Note: To prevent any loss of resource fork data that would render your fonts useless, Macintosh users should always compress their files on a Macintosh.

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