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What is Presorted Standard Postage?

Presorted Standard is a Post Office term that defines the class of service and postage that is required for a particular mailing. Presorted Standard mail will typically take about 10-14 days for delivery nationwide. The USPS will not forward or return a mail piece that is non deliverable to the individual to which it is addressed with Presorted Standard postage. Our Direct Mail Services include CASS and DPV certification that will identify and remove addresses that are not considered deliverable by address.

Please note that the CASS and DPV process verifies that an address is a valid delivery point and will not verify that the individual is currently at a particular address. For more advanced processing of a database we provide NCOA services that will compare your database with the USPS National Change Of Address database. Please call our Direct Mail department for more information about NCOA processing services.

Presorted Standard rates are on average about 10 cents less per piece than First Class, however be aware of the differences in service compared to First Class. For more information please visit the USPS website at the following address:

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