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While not intended as professional level page layout program it, is possible to create printable page layouts in Apple Pages page layout software. However, we do not recommend its use. We can only support printing from PDF files exported from Pages (see notes below). There are however a number of things to watch out for and remember when submitting your files for printing.

Bleed - Pages has no direct support for page bleed and if your project requires items to bleed off the edge of the page then you must create your document oversized (by at least .125" on all four sides) and make the bleed part of the actual page. Obviously this might cause problems if your project involves multiple facing pages. Proper planning must be used  when creating documents with page bleed that have facing pages to prevent problems at the center where these facing pages meet.

PDF Output - It is important when using the PDF Export that you use the Best Image quality setting.

RGB Color - Pages uses RGB color and does not support the industry standad CMYK color model. It is important that you understand the characteristics and the limitations of RGB color. Please be aware that the precise color matching to industry standard colors (such as PANTONE) of your files may not be possible. Please refer to our page devoted to explaining CMYK and RGB color for more information.

Transparency, Drop Shadows and Other Special Effects - Any transparency or other effects such as soft drop shadows may not work properly when imaging files for professional printing. Be forewarned that just because you can create it on your screen or print it on your ink jet printer in your office, that does not mean that you can reproduce it faithfully when printing to high reslution devices used for professional printing.