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Brochure Templates

Brochures can be described as being a single-sheet, printed on two sides and then folded. We are supplying design layouts of our most popular document types and sizes. These layouts show details and measurements for bleed, actual trim size, and safety for different folding styles. Simply pick the folding style that matches your job. Seven of the most popular styles are shown below:

Best Printing Online has decades of experience in the printing industry as well as the design of custom brochures. We are proud to offer our full line of creative brochure templates that can be used for most any business. Coming soon to Best Printing Online  are the tools that allow you to customize a template for your product or service. Soon you will be able take a test drive of this amazing program, you will find that Best Printing Online will be your single source for all your promotional needs.

At Best Printing Online, we can easily migrate your approved brochure to the print queue. Imagine uploading your brochure art and then getting it ready for press all in the same day.

OK, so, you designed your brochure and you reproduced your brochure. But now what? How are you planning to distribute your brochure? At Best Printing Online we don't want to stop with the printing of your promotional brochure, we can even direct mail your brochure to most any targeted demographic in the United States. Imagine all this under one roof.

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Common Folding Styles

We offer both InDesign and .PDF layouts below. For PDF layouts, you can import it into a background layer of your graphics program pages to use as a guide when making your layout. Just remember to turn off or delete this layer before submitting your job.

Special Note: All measurements are given in inches as Width x Height.


8.5" x 11" Brochure (Portrait)

8" x 9" Brochure (Portrait)

11" x 8.5" Brochure (Landscape)

12" x 9" Brochure (Landscape)

14" x 8.5" Brochure (Landscape)

16" x 9" Brochure (Landscape)

17" x 11"  Brochure (Landscape)

25.375" x 11" Tri-fold Brochure (Landscape)
  • 6-page Brochure (folds to 8.5" x 11")