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Digital Printing - Short Run & Variable Data Personalization

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Could this be for you?
Digital Printing lets you print on demand, which ultimately delivers the exact quantity of documents when they're needed, where they're needed and how they're needed. You can print and finish in half the time of offset printing and there is no more need to print excessive quantities of pieces that get stored on a shelf only to be thrown away due to outdated material. Produce shorter runs, target them to specific areas and improve customer satisfaction. The quality of the Canon imagePRESS is unmatched. Ask an account representative for samples and see for yourself.

Digital Printing Process
The press will print images up to 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution, producing sharp text, smooth gradations, and crystal clear, detailed images. The developing, toner, and advanced calibration technologies provide outstanding color that remains consistent throughout each job. In addition, when printing on a variety of media finishes, Gloss Optimization ensures that the gloss of the media will match the imaged area.

      The speed at which this entire process is done is very impressive. For a four color 12x18 one-sided project, one thousand sheets can be printed in an hour. A one color project can be done in a quarter of that time. And because the ink dries instantaneously, finishing can be done immediately - allowing for turnaround time to be considerably less than a job done on a conventional offset press.

      There are projects best suited for digital printing while others are more suitable for offset printing. To find out what job would be most ideal for digital printing, please contact your account representative.

Variable Data
When information is created and targeted specifically for an individual, they will ultimately give a better response. Variable Data printing can make sure the message conforms to the audience. Variable Data is the process of changing information from document to document within a single print run. There are several ways this can be achieved.

One way is through Mail Merging which is using a different name and address for each piece. Versioning is another way which sends different messages to specific audiences. These can be separated for example, by age groups, political categories or living regions. Another Variable Data process is through Customization. This targets an individual's specific interests. If someone buys certain types of tools or clothing, you can produce a pamphlet with just those types of items. One of the most specific uses of Variable Data is through Personalization. Using words and photos you can create a piece that is "personalized" for an individual. Produce a letter to an individual using their name, their photo and information pertaining only to them. Another example is; a resort that offers multiple amenities, can directly target special interests to various individuals or groups. The resort can target them by creating a personalized brochure for each individual or family with their special amenities interests - enticing them to return. If you have 100 customers, all with specialized interests, you can personalize all 100 brochures in a single print run.

      The capabilities are endless with Variable Data. With a little imagination, good consumer knowledge, and a correct customer database file, you can produce a more marketable piece.

A substrate must be acid free and have a surface that is receptive to the digital process in order to provide good ink adhesion. Your account representative can help with choosing a substrate most suitable for your needs. As with all forms of printing, not all substrates respond with equal quality, but as the digital printing industry expands, your substrate options expand too.

Look and feel of offset
The general formula of color printing is the process mix of cyan, magenta, yellow and black. This too applies to digital printing. Canon's imagePRESS has proven to produce very vibrant colors with just the standard CMYK inks, with one of the widest color gamuts in the industry.