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Direct Mail

 How do you achieve the lowest postage costs?

 What is a postal certificate of deposit?

 What advantages are there in prescrubbing a database?

 What are the database accuracy reports?

 What is Merge / Purge?

 What format is best for submitting a mailing list?

 What is the minimum amount to mail to receive First Class discounts?

 Why is tabbing sometimes required on my mail piece?

 Do you mark up postage like other direct mail vendors?

 What is NCOA?

 Is information such as mailing lists kept confidential?

 I don't understand all the postal regulations, can you help?

 Do you accept labels for mailing?

 What is confirm service?

 What does confirm service offer you?

 How does confirm service work?

 What is Presorted Standard Postage?

 What is Presorted First Class?