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Mailing Services

We have a complete Direct Mail facility that can help you save time and money on your next promotional campaign or newsletter mailing.

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We can decrease your postage costs

Our trained postal and database specialists have the experience and tools necessary to ensure that you are getting the greatest postage savings that is available from the USPS using automated intelligent barcoded mail. This will not only save you money in postage costs, but also increase the reliability and speed of delivery through the postal system.

We will scrub your database to make it more effective

You simply upload your names and addresses to one of our specialists and they will standardize your addresses using software certified by the USPS (United States Postal Service). Once the addresses have been verified they will append the zip+4 designator to the end of your zip codes and assign codes for postal automation (CASS certify). In fact, if you have some records that are in uppercase and others in lowercase, we can perform mixed case conversion on all your records to have them uniformly match.

Have your records verified against the USPS national database

Included at the conclusion of every job, we will send you a summary report of how well your records matched the USPS national database as having valid deliverable address information. Records that have been identified as invalid, but cannot be safely corrected by one of our specialists, will be emailed to you in excel format for your review. Once identified, you can correct your list to save money on undeliverable mail.

USPS certified verification report

At the conclusion of the mailing you may request a stamped certificate of deposit produced by the Post Office business mail entry unit showing the cost of postage, quantity mailed and date that the mailing was inducted into the USPS mailstream.

Let us assist you with our knowledge

Our greatest advantage that we offer our customers with our combined printing and mailing services is that we can assist in the early stages of the design process. This invaluable service insures that the mailpiece is correct in layout and meets all the necessary requirements of the United States Postal Service before being printed.

Merge / Purge before you send

Merge / Purge is a vital technique used to eliminate the likelihood of sending multiple mailings to the same address or individual. We can combine multiple lists into one database and remove duplicates based on "household" or "individual" logic.

List Hygiene Services

Accurately addressed mail gets delivered and saves you money. National Change of Address (NCOA) and Delivery Sequence File (DSF) services are available. The NCOA file is a listing of change of address records kept on file for 18-48 months with the USPS. The DSF file attempts to correct, standardize, and verify that the addresses on a mailing list are deliverable. Maximum address hygiene benefits are realized when NCOA & DSF are processed together.

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Some of our Direct Mail and Lettershop services include: