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Last month, added another state-of-the-art printing press to our rapidly growing commercial printing and direct mail business. The Shinohara 75 series six color press with in-line aqueous coater will allow us to continue to provide exceptional quality to our clients in the most efficient manner possible. With a top speed of 17,000 iph, it is the world's fastest production press.

Perhaps the most impressive feature of the new press lies within its CIP3 technology. The ability to link all of the job information from prepress to the press has streamlined the entire printing process. By sending ink settings and other job specific information directly to the press, make-ready times are cut in half and consistant color is maintained throughout each press run. This technology is currently being used by only a small fraction of commercial printers. CIP3 is a necessity for to remain on the leading edge of the printing industry.

You may remember that in December of 2011 we added an Canon imagePRESS digital press. The response to the variable data and personalization capabilities has been overwhelming in the advertising and direct mail market. Feel free to request samples of this revolutionary technology.

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Image resolution refers to the number of pixels, or dots per inch in a given image. Too low of a resolution produces pixelization, where individual pixels begin to stand out by themselves in the image (similar to a tiling effect). Too high of a resolution does not increase the quality of the printed piece, however, it will increase upload times.
  Inset of an image showing 300 dpi resolution.
Inset of an image that was blown up from
150 dpi to 300 dpi.

As a general rule, all images should be 300 dpi (dots per inch) and sized 100% in your layout program. If you start with a 300 dpi image, then double the size of it in your layout program, you will have dropped the resolution to 150 dpi which will not reproduce well.

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Regardless of what class of mail you are using, you can speed the delivery of your direct mail by following some simple guidelines.

The USPS uses automated equipment that reads the addresses starting with the bottom line, where it expects to find the city, state and zip. The next line is expected to contain the delivery address which should be a street address or PO Box. When the machine encounters a suite or apartment number on this line, the piece is diverted for extra handling, thus delaying processing and delivery time. Always include suite or apartment numbers at the end of the delivery address line.

Preferred   Also Correct   Incorrect
John Doe
2323 56th Ave Suite 501
Anytown FL  34104
  John Doe
Suite 501
2323 56th Ave
Anytown FL  34104
  John Doe
2323 56th Ave
Suite 501
Anytown FL  34104

You will notice that we did not include any periods or commas in the above example. The machine ignores punctuation and actually prefers one space between city and state, rather than the customary comma and space. It would also prefer to see two spaces between the state and zip code. If you must place the apartment or suite number on a separate line, place it above the street address. offers our customers free design consulting to aid in the correct layout of any direct mail piece. Please feel free to call our direct mail consultants at
888.747.2695 Ext. 13.

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Q: What is the best way to check on the status of my order?

A: You can log into your account at any time and check the current production status of your job by going to the "My Jobs" folder and selecting the appropriate job. Once the job is shipped, you can view the real time UPS tracking information by clicking "Track Shipment". Of course, you can always contact Customer Service at 888.747.2695. Our staff is readily available to assist you with any inquiries that you may have.

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