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FreeHand Tips

All versions of Macromedia FreeHand are supported for both Apple Macintosh and Windows platforms. Here are some basic tips that apply to all software versions and for both platforms.

For even more tips please visit our Quick Tips section. This is our catch-all category for all manner of miscellaneous tips, tricks, program fixes, and workarounds to help you with building your artwork . We'll add new items from time to time so check in to see what's been added recently.

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Document Setup Basics

Special Note: You may also submit both copies if you think that you may have text edits but then you must be certain to include all fonts used in your original document.

Special Note: To prevent any loss of resource fork data that would render your fonts useless, Macintosh users should always compress their files on a Macintosh.

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Creating Bleed

The way to create bleed is to simply make certain that the image or graphic extends off the edge of the page to a distance of 1/8" (.125) wherever you want something to bleed. Make certain that you enable Bleed in the Document Properties Palate. Set the bleed value to 1/8” (.125”).

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Converting Type to Paths

1. Menu > Edit > Select > All

2. Menu > Text > Convert to Paths

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Converting Colors to CMYK

1. Go to the Swatch palette:

2. Select the color that you wish to make CMYK

3. Click the small down arrow symbol in the upper right corner of the Assets tab which contains the Swatch palette.

4. Select Make CMYK. The color's name will become italicized. If it asks to redefine colors from standard libraries select OK. The color name wil then change to reflect the CMYK color values.

5. Repeat for each color until all are CMYK.

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