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What is gang-run printing and do you do it?

We do NOT gang-run any of our print jobs under any circumstance! This is the reason that our reputation for quality is unmatched in our industry. Gang Run Printing refers to the production process of combining multiple jobs to print on the same press sheet. It is intended to help reduce press make-ready costs by spreading the initial production costs across several jobs. The main limitation with gang run printing, is the inability to control the ink density of neighboring images.

The best result that can be achieved is an average color of every different piece that is printed on the sheet. Because of this major limitation, the accuracy of color reproduction is not guaranteed in any way. By placing an order with any gang run printer you must agree to this limitation. They will not accept any responsibility for color variations between submitted files and the final printed piece. Under no circumstances will reprints be honored for color variations that have occurred during the gang run printing process.

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