Printing & Finishing FAQs

How long have you been established?
What is variable data printing and can you do it?
What types of paper stocks do you print on?
I need a design, can you help?
I want to cancel my order, will I be charged?
Can the price of my original quote change?
Will I receive a confirmation after my order is placed?
What is confirm service?
What does confirm service offer you?
How does confirm service work?
How do I sign into my account?
What are your business hours?
When will my proofs be ready?
How long will my order take to be completed?
Do you guys ship anything freight?
How do I know if my product has been shipped?
What is important to understand about image resolution measurements?
What is binding?
What is coated paper?
What is 4-color printing?
What is die cutting?
What is offset printing?
What is a RIP?
What is typesetting?
How long will my shipment take to be delivered?
Will my job look like what I see on my monitor?
Can I see my product before shipping me the end result?
How long will my file take to upload?
Will I receive the exact quantity I ordered?
I want to read people's opinions of your company, where do I go?
What does against the grain mean?
What is a color bar?
What is collating?
What is gathering?
How can I contact you?
Does Best Printing Online offer samples kits?
How can I find out more about what is going on with your company?
What is your customer referral program?
What is RGB?
What is Presorted Standard Postage?
What is Presorted First Class?
How do I design a 4x6 postcard for automation discounts?
How can I acheive a more "personal " look with my direct mail piece?
I don't see what I need, how do I get a quote?
What is CMYK?
I need exact color reproduction, what do I do?
Can I order 1- or 2-color printing?
What is Computer-to-Plate?
What is a Contract Color Proof?
Do we charge more for bleeds?
I need more than one type of job printed, how do I order?
How do I know which stock/paper to use?
I need precise color or a match to a piece I already have.
Is there a discount for exact reprints?
What is gang-run printing and do you do it?
What is 6-color Indichrome?
I need high quality and service at a low cost. Can you help?
Do you print T-Shirts?
What types of presses do you have?
What services do you provide?



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