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Newsletter Templates

Newsletters are essentially the same thing as Brochures but may also be be comprised of more than a single folded sheet of paper. When a document contains more than four pages it is usually assembled from multiple 4-page sheets or signatures (example: take a single sheet of paper and fold it in half and you will see that it makes four pages: two outside pages and two inside pages). These signatures are then stacked in the proper order and then folded to create the newsletter or book (Note: when unfolded and laid flat, each side of the sheet is what is called a "printer's spread"). Pages must always be added in increments of four.

We are supplying both InDesign and .PDF layouts of our most popular document types and sizes. These layouts show details and measurements for bleed, actual trim size, and safety for different folding styles. For PDF layouts, you can import it into a background layer of your graphics program pages to use as a guide when making your layout. Just remember to turn off or delete this layer before submitting your job.

Special Note: All measurements are given in inches as Width x Height.

8.5" x 11" 2-page Newsletter

8.5" x 11" 4-page (or more) Newsletter

17" x 11" 4-page Newsletter

25.375" x 11" Tri-fold

  • 6-page Newsletter (folds to 8.5" x 11")