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Quick Tips - Adobe Products (all applications)

Quick Zooms

All Adobe products (and even some other companies) use these standard keyboard commands to control the document display.

Using these simple commands is much quicker than changing tools to change your display image size. Try them, you'll find that you wil use the all the time.

Clarke Backer - Prepress Manager

Three ways to change Units of Measure

  1. Make the change in the preferences menu Units and Increments
  2. ctrl-click (Mac) right-click (PC) directly on the ruler
  3. Type the unit directly into the measurement field in the palette you are working in

    Explanation: The document being worked in is set to measure in Picas, but you want to place an object 1/4" away from the trim edge of the page. All you have to do is this, with the object selected, set the orientation to the upper left corner, highlight the X coordinate and type .25 in. This will automatically place the object 1/4" away from the trim edge of the page.

Ken Black - Prepress Technician

Let the Measurements Fields do the Math

All the coordinate fields - X, Y, W, H will allow you to add or subtract within them

Explanation: You have set a series objects starting at  (X: 2 in  - Y: 5 in) on down to (X: 10 in - Y: 5 in) - say a nice row of images. Now the client/boss/the voices tell you to move each object down 5/8". Rather than doing the math in your head for each object then inputing the coordinates, or worse, trying to drag the object to its new location, you can just select all the objects and without deleting the coordinate, type + .625 into the Y field it should look like this - (Y: 5 in +.625). Hit enter and voila, the objects are now 5/8" further down the page.

Ken Black - Prepress Technician  Need more viewing space?

Ken Black - Prepress Technician