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Downloadable File Layout Templates

We are supplying PDF layouts of our most popular document types, sizes, and folding styles. These PDFs show details and measurements for bleed, actual trim size, safety, and for different folding styles. Each PDF has all major folding styles with measurements for both front and back sides laid out on separate pages. Simply pick the folding style that matches your job. Four of the most popular styles are shown below:

Common Folding Stlyes

Common Folding Styles

You may then delete the unused fold style pages from the PDF if you like. You can then import the PDF into a background layer of your graphics program pages to use as a guide when making your layout. Just remember to turn off or delete this layer before submitting your job.

You may also notice that there may be little or no difference between similarly sized templates in different categories because the categories are somewhat arbitrary. It is just a way to organize the information and to reflect the typically intended use of the template. It really doesn't matter what something is called as long as you use the template that matches the layout for your project.

Special Note: All measurements are given in inches as Width x Height.