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USPS Confirm Service

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What is Confirm Service?

Confirm service allows you to track your direct mail pieces in real time. First Class Mail, Periodicals and Standard Mail can all be tracked using Confirm. Until now, this service has been typically used only by large transactional mailers, such as your credit card company sending you statements. Through our custom programming and integration, the Confirm service can be available for any of your jobs for a small additional fee.

What Can Confirm Do For You?

Knowing when your mail will deliver gives you a huge advantage when timing mail delivery with special events or coordinating multi-channel marketing campaigns. You will know when and how to staff call centers and when to schedule follow up calls to increase your response rate and conversions. For our transaction customers, you will know your invoice was received and with Origin Confirm, we can even track the remitted payment. Save money by avoiding collection calls on invoice payments already in route.

How Does Confirm Work?

A Confirm mailing is prepared by applying a special barcode called a PLANET Code above the address. Each time the mail piece is processed on sorting equipment, the barcode is scanned and reported to our database servers by the USPS. The raw scan data is processed by our servers and presented to you in organized web based reports. Downloadable spreadsheets are also available online and we'll show you estimated and actual delivery dates for each mail piece that receives scan data. We have also developed a special PLANET Code generation algorithm that allows us to track each individual mail piece, even in the event that you send to multiple recipients at the same address.

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